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Listening class professional DSP audio processor

·Elite-level core: Cirrus Logic high-end DSP main chip and ADC chip, high-level DAC chip, TI top-notch operational amplifier.

·It can perfectly dock with the high-end lossless player (192KHZ sampling rate) and can easily combine the active frequency division signal of high-end models. What’s more, it can flexibly match with different grounding modes of various models and has the high-quality professional pre-level DSP processor which can easily realize the active frequency division.

·Automatically match the original host impedance to achieve synchronous boot function.

6 in 8 out professional DSP processor, high level input and low level input for your choice.

The original vehicle divides frequency actively, the signal automatically merges.

High-speed blue-tooth transmission, capable of getting songs from mobile phones.

Optional fiber/coaxial signal input and AUX external audio input.

Various output modes, such as active 3 subdivision/front active 2 subdivision, back passive subdivision /all passive subdivision, can be set freely.

High, low band pass/slope and crossover points can be set freely 

Output 8 channel guarantees independent time delay, independent level and phase adjustment.

Output 8 channel has independent 31 phases of EQ and independent Q value.

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