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4.1 Channel DSP power amplifier and subwoofer audio system


Directly connected to the original car, audio upgrade without any loss; digital blue-tooth lossless transmission, capable of getting songs from mobile phones.

Highly-efficient bass, compensating the low frequency flaw of the original car; efficient power amplifier, making full use of the horns in the car.

DSP custom-made EQ, only for you; DSP customized delay, presenting you the excellent sound performance.


Performance Parameter

Main Chip Resolution  48 bits

Audio Sample Rate  96KHz

SNR(signal to noise ratio)   ≥110dB

THD (total harmonic distortion)  ≤0.02%

Frequency Response  10Hz-22KHz

Rated Power  30W×4(full frequency)+60W×1(low frequency)

Maximum Power  60W×4(full frequency)+120W×1(low frequency)

Mains Input  DC9V-15V

Size(L×W×H)  345mm×245mm×70mm

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