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1 Channel Power Amplifier


·Elite-level core: double transformer, IR power tube, ST operational amplifier, 24K gold-plated RCA terminal and high proficiency copper terminal.

·Real-time current management and efficient multiple overheating protection for circuit class D amplifier.

·Solid appearance.


Real-time current management and multiple overheating protection for circuit class D amplifier.

High-end class D amplifier design.

RCA input sensitivity ranges from 0.5V-8V.

700W×1 rated output power at four-ohm load, harmonic distortion<0.2%

1050W×1 rated output power at two-ohm load, harmonic distortion<0.5%

1500W×4 rated output power at one-ohm load, harmonic distortion<0.8%

Low-pass adjustable, voice frequency range for 30Hz-300Hz

The bass gain ranges from 0dB to 12dB at 45Hz

Adjustable ultra-low tone filter with frequency range of 15-40Hz

The phasing is adjustable from 0 to 180 degrees

Optional external bass control line


Size(L×W×H)  380mm×185mm×58.5mm


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