UT-2300 (Class AB)

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2 Channel Power Amplifier


Real-time current management and multiple overheating protection circuit class-AB amplifier.

RCA Input Sensitivity  0.2-8V

Left and right channel input levels are independently adjusted

300W×2 rated output power at 4Ohms load, harmonic distortion<0.01%

1050W×1 rated output power when 4Ohms load is bridged, harmonic distortion<0.03%

600W×2 rated output power at 2Ohms load, harmonic distortion<0.08%

Stereo/bridging/mono output options are available

Adjustable pitch frequency can be 10 times amplified (×1 or ×10)

The adjustable frequency range is 55Hz-5500Hz

Can be adjusted up/down or full pass, the crossover slope is 12dB or 24dB

Adjustable bass gain ranges from 0dB to 18dB at 45Hz

Size(L×W×H)  468mm×212mm×60mm

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